AEA’s role

Increasing each airline’s impact to the power of 22

The Association of European Airlines brings together 22 major airlines, and has been the trustworthy voice of the European airline industry for over 60 years. AEA brings together a wealth of expertise from its member airlines that meet on a regular basis in so-called “expert meetings”.  Position papers are developed in cooperation with the experts in order to ensure that they accurately reflect the views of all AEA’s member airlines. 

Over the years, AEA has developed a strong reputation as an authoritative voice in its dealings with other industry stakeholders, from European officials, national civil servants, European and national media, as well as other international organisations and air transport-related associations. 

This outstanding network enables AEA to co-ordinate expertise and to implement proactive advocacy and communication strategies aimed at the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council, seeking to encourage the adoption of measures favourable to the healthy and sustainable growth of its member airlines. 

Informing, strategy-building, influencing

AEA gives its members the support they need to focus on their businesses and make them thrive, by following all aero-political issues, analysing their impact, recommending strategies, networking with all relevant stakeholders and defending the airlines’ interests in the legislative process, at both European and national level. 

The association is also in a unique position to collect and disseminate industry intelligence that provides its members with an overview of their global business environment, enabling them to promote their positions at national level.

During its annual Aviation Leadership Summit, AEA reflects on the state of play of the industry and discusses European aviation policy. 

AEA informs the media and the public at large about its positions and views via Press Releases, interviews, participation in conferences, social media and its website. 

Key objectives

  • Promote aviation’s role in Europe’s future
  • Innovate for the benefit of customers
  • Contribute to better, smarter and more cost-effective regulation
  • Accelerate progress towards a Single European Sky
  • Decarbonise aviation
  • Ensure conditions for fair competition: a level playing field
  • Champion a global security framework