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17 October 2014



AEA’s Aviation Leadership Summit: Back to the future

Today, the Association of European Airlines is organising its second Aviation Leadership Summit, which takes place in Istanbul this year. 

The event brings together over 200 participants including AEA member airlines’ CEOs, regulators, high-level politicians, senior executives from the airline industry and journalists.

The event was kicked-off by the opening remarks of AEA’s President and host, Dr Temel Kotil, who highlighted the importance of network carriers in Europe and he called upon the industry to work together in order to have its voice heard.

In his presentation ‘Back to the future’, AEA’s CEO, Athar Husain Khan underlined that ‘the European airlines are competitive, responsible, sustainable and add value to the European economy.’ AEA’s vision ‘Back to the future’ underlines that in order to achieve the future goals that we defined today, for which industry is already preparing, regulators and politicians must also deliver.

‘We have to ensure that we continue to deliver on jobs, growth and prosperity. By focussing on the positive aspects of aviation AEA hopes that regulators will recognise industry’s contributions and stop impeding growth with burdensome costs.’

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ABOUT AEA: The Association of European Airlines (AEA) brings together 30 European established scheduled network carriers. These collectively carry nearly 400 million passengers and 5.5 million tonnes of cargo each year, operating 2,550 aircraft serving 600 destinations in 160 countries with 10,000 flights a day. They provide around 370,000 jobs directly, and generate a total turnover of €100 billion.





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