Membership Benefits

Today, more than ever, it is essential for European airlines to join forces in order to create a stronger, more visible and highly professional European aviation organisation to defend their interests.  

The Association of European Airlines creates the ideal industry platform for this. AEA fully understands that costs and competitive pressures mean that airlines have to devote all their resources to their core business and that the number of experts employed by airlines to deal with industry issues is limited. AEA is there to close this gap and, as the voice of the European airlines, to defend the interests of its members

The AEA has a team of highly skilled professionals who provide its members with the support they need to focus on their businesses and to make them thrive, by following all the important aero-political issues, analysing their impact, recommending strategies and networking with all relevant stakeholders.  

AEA is extremely well connected within the EU institutions, and has become a partner in dialogue not only with regulators and top-level politicians but also with financial analysts and media. The role of AEA is widely acknowledged by the EU institutions and the EU Member States.

Members also benefit from numerous networking opportunities, working group activities, and statistical market and trend research