AEA Technical Specs

AEA has been instrumental in the development and establishment of specifications for automated ticketing and boarding pass processes, since their inception in the early 1980s.

AEA specifications for Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass equipment (ATB), Parametric Tables (PECTAB), Self Service and Baggage Tag Printers (BTP) related firmware are an industry standard, applied by manufacturers worldwide. The latest update of the specifications, known as ‘AEA2012’ has been released in  May 2013.

What is new in the 2012 Edition?

General Amendement

  • Vendor ID’s used in PVOK as Annex for all specs
  • FAQ sheet of collected vendor questions /responses

BGR Amendments

  • New BGRMODE=F for integration of external verification devices
  • QF command to open flaps with no device input (external device needed), included updates for QF in RIOK response
  • New EP keyword PROKI, that defines the PROK handling to a CC response in BGRMODE=G
  • New EP keyword FRAUDRST to auto reset fraud situations in BGRMODE=G
  • New posiblility in EP keyword SUPPRESSMG=R

BTP (Bagtag) Amendments

  • SQOK and SQNI have 2 new states (OS and PO)
  • Note for BLOK response now synced with BCOK response

SBD (Self BagDrop) Amendments

July 2012 : initial release V1

March 2013 : 2nd release V2

  • Added BagTag printer as optional device
  • Added alibi functionality & bagtag printer in SQ, SQOK, SQNI and ERRW
  • Updates to the RCOK message
  • Updates to the RIOK message
  • New EP keyword BAGIDX
  • Updated reference for CUSS / CUPPS





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