Consumers of goods and services have a right to expect to get what they pay for and to be protected against unscrupulous traders and questionable business practices. In this respect, air transport should be no different from other commercial activities. Passengers – and airlines – deserve a better and clearer legislative package than the existing one. As the regulatory process continues over the coming months (and years?), legislators are urged to bear in mind the need for “smart regulation”, tailored to the realities of scheduled airline operations – including extraordinary events as yet unforeseen – that avoids unintended consequences and safeguards the competitive position of European airlines as well as the rights of European consumers.

AEA supports the revision of the existing Regulation in order to establish a fair, clear and stable framework for air passenger rights for both airlines and our passengers. Uniform enforcement and interpretation of the new regulation across European countries is therefore essential (e.g. extraordinary circumstances).


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  • 10 June 2015

    AEA is calling on regulators for the urgent need to adopt a new air passenger rights regulation

    In 2013 the European Commission proposed the revision of the current Regulation 261/2004. Since then the European Parliament has formulated its position, however, progress in the Council has been delayed. The EU Transport Ministers will discuss and conclude the work of the Latvian Presidency at their meeting on 11 June. 

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  • 4 February 2014

    AEA calls on the European Parliament to take a realistic approach on Air Passenger Rights

    Tomorrow, Wednesday 5th February, the European Parliament will vote on a Committee report dealing with a revision to the existing EU legislation on Air Passenger Rights. AEA urges the Parliament to have a realistic approach, in particular related to delay compensation points, extraordinary circumstances and multi-sector flights.

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    29 April 2013

    Joint AEA/ELFAA/ERA/IACA/IATA position on the Commission’s proposal for the revision of Regulation 261/2004